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AI is not a threat to human jobs. It’s a catalyst for growth and innovation

The emergence of artificial intelligence is frequently accompanied by concerns about its becoming a dominant algorithm. Early AI use cases, on the opposite, lead to a more empowered future with more jobs and opportunities. This defies decades of expectations that AI will replace diverse jobs, as the individuals behind AI will continue to be motivated by human nature.

Human nature and jobs for humans

People are motivated by a desire to excel rather than just survive. According to Princeton research, the top incomes work longer hours and spend less time on leisure or social activities. The New York Times queried why some of the ultra-wealthy remain to work long after their financial requirements have been met, claiming that they are hooked on money, competitiveness, or just the sensation of being important. This is a compelling reason to be hopeful regarding the future of human jobs in the era of AI. Companies will most likely recruit more people since the returns on their investment will be exponentially bigger with each job. Today’s AI is not self-driving, but its potential lies in its capacity to assist human hands to produce more, faster, and better.

AI is becoming more prevalent

It’s no wonder, therefore, that the quantity of AI-created things on the web is increasing.

It has already resulted in a large increase in the quantity and variety of digital apps available to individuals, assisting people by doing market research, laying out and growing sales funnels, sketching up marketing text that can be amended and polished, and many other things.

With creators able to offer courses, films, and written materials for an underutilized population, the expansion of online content will result in a large increase in consumption.

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How AI can become a threat to employees

Certainly, some businesses will exploit AI as a pretext to lay off large numbers of employees. In certain cases, firms will even utilize algorithms to terminate staff. 

However, for years, the workforce has been growing increasingly decentralized and globally spread. Modern technology has led to a surge in freelancers pursuing autonomous work lives, resulting in terms like “digital nomad” and “solopreneur.”

How AI tools will help individuals earn money

With AI, an increasing number of those individuals will be able to generate rich possibilities with no overhead other than their own time, energy, and money. AI tools will enable individuals to manage million-dollar businesses independently, eliminating the need for large corporations to recruit them.

People who want to work in a typical employee pattern, on the contrary, will have a variety of options. Microsoft Excel’s evolution did not disrupt the banking sector; rather, it increased it.

The most competitive and hungry organizations would happily pay for the ability to properly use AI, just as utilizing spreadsheets has become an essential and even lucrative competence. This will allow them to develop and accomplish more.


The workforce will evolve but will not be replaced. And what AI will help humans develop as a result of that shift is well worth celebrating.