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Coding with AI: Tips and best practices from developers

The coding powers of generative AI have prompted a tech gold rush. AI chatbots can generate executable code in seconds, stimulating the curiosity of programmers. While the software industry’s future is anticipated to be bright, programmers and managers who deal with AI technologies argue that computers are not going to substitute human coders anytime soon. AI has the potential to work better than humans, but AI cannot replace them.

How AI Can Help Coders

ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, two generative AI tools of OpenAI, are extensively used by developers to produce code based on natural language inquiries. Copilot and its descendant, Copilot X, can function as IDE autocomplete, predicting developers’ work. Learning to appropriately prompt AI is an art, with chain-of-thought prompting being critical for choosing the right verbs and being descriptive. Because of its usefulness in producing successful AI prompts, prompt engineering is becoming a hot field.

AI’s coding skills and intelligence

1. Making documentation out of code

AI may reverse the process, creating code from documentation or comments. These features save developers time and perhaps create chances for learning by providing more conventional solutions that they may not have discovered on their own.

AI technologies may also help provide answers to common problems, update or clean up code, and perhaps speed up development processes.

2. AI’s Ethical Concerns in Coding

The incorporation of AI into programming presents ethical issues. Rapid AI code development might accidentally contain proprietary algorithms, which would violate people’s intellectual property rights. Software applications that are skewed or discriminatory can result from biases in training data. Developers must be watchful, carefully examining AI-generated code to make sure it complies with moral and legal requirements.

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Problem-solving approaches

According to Rise8 developer Jeff Wills, Artificial intelligence is a great tool for tackling issues that have previously been addressed. He uses Copilot to automatically produce code for a function to determine the distance between two points on a sphere, which is handy when adding a big library to an application and is an alternative to AI-generated code. Wills argues that AI may be used to generate pre-solved algorithms, decreasing the requirement for massive libraries and bloating the codebase.

Be very precise

AI chatbots may not be as intelligent as initially thought, so it’s crucial to provide comprehensive information about the coding problem or query for optimal results. Giving as much information as you can is advised because ChatGPT cannot observe your coding in outside applications. When AI can ask a question about a company’s specific codebase and carry out the task for you, the value will increase.

Fast coding

Several developers we spoke with indicated that working with Copilot or ChatGPT gave them the feeling that they could perform their work faster, while they acknowledged they couldn’t quantify it.


Generative AI is transforming software development by providing promising features such as fast coding, automatic documentation, and creative problem-solving. However, developers must acknowledge and negotiate the ethical issues that emerging AI technologies carry with them.