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OpenAI launches ‘custom instructions’ for ChatGPT so users don’t have to repeat themselves in every prompt

Introduction to custom instructions for ChatGPT

On July 20, 2023, OpenAI revealed the beta availability of “custom instructions” for ChatGPT. Users will be able to build a prelude for their prompts, which will provide instructions for the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to evaluate before replying to queries.

According to an OpenAI blog post, the capability supports plugins and works across prompts and sessions. As is customary, OpenAI is releasing the new functionality in beta, noting the greater possibility of unexpected outcomes.

This feature is an important step forward in the company’s attempts to create ChatGPT in a way that keeps safety barriers in place while still allowing it to “effectively reflect the different circumstances and distinct demands of each individual.”

Personalized instructions are presently available in beta for ChatGPT Plus users outside of the UK and the EU. In the “coming weeks,” the tool will be made accessible to all users.

Why did OpenAI launch custom instructions for ChatGPT?

OpenAI’s move to make customized instructions accessible to all users came only weeks after Google released a similar option in Bard. Bard users may now “customize” their responses by making them longer or shorter, among other possibilities. Nevertheless, this functionality differs from custom preferences in that users can edit the response but cannot add pre-set instructions. Users will still have to enter the instructions, but they will be able to modify the tone afterwards using toggles.

But, after merging Google Lens into Bard, it may acquire a little advantage. Users can post photographs to Bard and analyze the content and other texts. ChatGPT has a similar function, but it is only available to paying subscribers. Microsoft Bing, on the other hand, allows users to produce responses in several tones, such as “creative,” “balanced,” and “price.” Users can also post images to Bing Chat.

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How to use custom instructions in ChatGPT

Click your name in the lower-left corner of ChatGPT online, then choose Customized Instructions. Add specific instructions, such as the type of response you want (long, short, bullet points) or the tone you want (formal or informal). You may also supply personal information to the AI chatbot for more customized replies.

What is the potential of custom instructions?

The custom instructions feature has the potential to revolutionize the way users complete complicated prompts. In the crypto industry, this might save many hours of effort by allowing users to enter their query parameters once rather than several times.

Traders might, for example, set the market circumstances by sending custom instructions at the start of the trading day, saving themselves the time of explaining their portfolio position at the start of each prompt.

It might also be a valuable tool for individuals who want to limit the chatbot’s replies for legal and localization requirements, such as a crypto trader or AI engineer seeking information in the context of GDPR compliance.

What is the drawback of custom instructions?

The Verge reports that researchers think the increasing number of questions may raise the chance that ChatGPT might provide some inaccurate results.