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Exploring the Future of VR Input Devices, Adoption Rates, Profitability, and Scalability

Virtuix has started sending Omni One beta devices to early adopters. The company is launching the Omni One device for $2,595 or a $65 monthly payment plan.

The business plans to deliver over eight thousand units to investors by the first quarter of 2024. The Omni One will be available for preorder in late 2023, with shipments beginning in Q2 2024.

Virtuix’s Omni One distribution strategy follows a $4.5 million crowdfunding campaign.

In an exclusive interview with XR Today, Virtuix’s Founder and CEO highlighted the international distribution and scalability of its Omni One product. Unlike typical controller-based techniques, Virtuix provides an omnidirectional treadmill enabling users to completely lose themselves in VR apps that demand movement. The firm specializes in allowing users to roam around in VR, resulting in a more immersive experience.

The Future of VR Input and the Factors Influencing Adoption Rates

The CEO of Virtuix thinks VR is a widely applied medium in society, emphasising its omnidirectional benefits. However, despite 55% of their customer base having and using VR headsets, a large chunk of Virtuix’s client base lacks them. Innovative input devices, together with accompanying headsets, have the potential to boost adoption rates and convert new audiences to VR.

Launch of ‘Stage One Product Distribution

This year, Virtuix plans to deliver its product to early-stage investors, who will be the first to order an Omni One system. The beta program aims to produce thousands of units with general release orders fulfilled in Q1 of the following year.

Profitability Growth and International Distribution

JC Team Capital has teamed up with a key investor to help Virtiux establish profitability with the Omni One device. Furthermore, JC Team Capital CEO will join Virtuix’s board of directors to help with distribution targets until 2024. “JCT Teams Capital is a current investor in Virtuix, investing with Virtuix since 2020,” the CEO of Virtuix stated.

The CEO of Virtiux further stated: In this round, JC Team Capital stepped forward to become a key investor in our Series B funding. They’ve invested $3,000,000 in this round and have been an excellent partner. They’re simply wonderful to deal with. They have tremendous ambitions for Omni One and truly believe in our product and company.

The immersive hardware company Virtiux intends to create a joint venture with JC Team Capital to introduce Omni One to India next year. The collaboration will serve to drive financial stability and boost manufacturing, with the United States serving as the initial market. To guarantee seamless operations, the corporation intends to begin with the United States.

Using a Comprehensive, Open Product Framework

Their philosophy is that they will not offer a closed system. They are attempting to keep it open, but we offer it as a full system because it provides a far better user experience, particularly for people without a VR headset. Selling an entire system. They aim to provide a fantastic, smooth, and high-end user experience.

Virtiux, though, is determined to keep its environment open, ready for an expanding and ever-changing XR hardware industry.

Customers can link the device to a PC and employ it with a PC-based VR headset, says the CEO. We can make it work with different headsets. For example, they would be delighted to do so.

Despite the aims of XR device compatibility, Virtiux – and other OEMs – may encounter challenges depending on the hardware vendor.

CEO stated that closed techniques from companies present a barrier to expanding XR technology across headsets, adding that they “don’t play well with other vendors or devices.