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Is the HoloLens 3 Closer Than we Think?

Why is there hype about HoloLens 3?

Microsoft’s long-awaited MR gadget, which might be less heavy and more modular than anticipated, is close to being unveiled. The business submitted a patent request for an MR gadget that is similar to the older HoloLens models but offers better usability and form measures for business customers. A robust frame, front and rear visor lenses, integrated sensors, broadband optics, and display/projection equipment will be included in the head-mounted device. To accommodate different use cases, users may adjust the brightness of their display and add accessories like a headband, VR headset, eyeglass temples, or helmet.

The most recent version of the IVAS headgear, a military-grade XR gadget, is being tested and will have tactical heads-up displays, thermal vision, night vision, and passive targeting. With an extra kit, such as a rear-attachment module for additional computation, storage, and power resources, users of the modular device can improve their performance. The most recent version also includes modest enhancements that could hint at characteristics in a future HoloLens product, such as visibility at night, weight, and form factor.

What is the cost of HoloLens 3?

  • Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition costs three thousand dollars USD and comes with a HoloLens headset, Clicker, travel bag, microfiber cloth, charger, and USB cord. This version is completely functional, however, it lacks enterprise-level support. The HoloLens Commercial Suite costs five thousand dollars USD for corporations, which is two thousand dollars more than the regular Development Edition. The Windows Microsoft Store for Business, Mobile Device Management (MDM) for HoloLens, Kiosk mode for display and showcasing, identity and data security services, and remote access features are all included in this bundle.
  • The Commercial Suite contains the same equipment as the Development Edition as well as extra services such as warranties and data encryption. Administrators may control settings, installs, and configurations on numerous devices at the same time. The HoloLens kiosk mode enables users to restrict which applications run to demonstrate or exhibit experiences. Identity and data security services, such as Azure Active Directory credentials and secure login options, are also included in the suite.

Microsoft’s HoloLens using XR Refocus

Due to decreased and changed immersive technological talent, Microsoft’s XR vision has taken a backseat, and the majority of the company’s innovation focus has shifted towards AI. Microsoft has a team of professional XR developers who are pushing the boundaries of advanced technology. Microsoft unveiled details of an industrial metaverse program that would launch in 2024 and be supported by its AI Cloud Partner Program at Microsoft Inspire 2023.

To be a significant success, HoloLens 3 must improve on previous versions

In late 2022, Microsoft’s MR Vice President said that a new HoloLens headgear might be available shortly, with a third device expected once the technology was complete. He emphasized that users do not require a replacement at this moment, but want to know that one would be available when needed. In early 2023, the company Vice President and COO of the Windows and Devices Organization said that MRTK was developed to be cross-platform and open-source to help the whole ecosystem, not only HoloLens. Recent patent requests may not indicate the launching of a new MR device anytime soon, and Microsoft’s plan may not include a substantial XR product or service until 2024.