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How Quantum Metric is using data analytics to optimize digital teams

Companies may detect consumer demands, quantify the financial effect, and prioritize depending on the impact on the customer and the business’s bottom line thanks to the Quantum Metric platform, which offers a systematic method for understanding the digital customer journey. Quantum Metric makes the bold claim that it collects insights from 30% of all internet users worldwide, assisting globally renowned companies in sectors including telecoms, financial services, travel, and retail. At this point, the company has collected $251 million in capital from several financial organizations.

Atlas’ debut was just announced by Quantum Metric. Atlas offers data analytics that help companies identify and respond to the demands of digital customers. It is powered by specialized machine intelligence and learning from top brands and digital teams.

Development of Quantum Metric

Mario Ciabarra, the founder of Quantum Metric, set out to address issues he had personally encountered while running his online software store, Intelliborn. He discovered how challenging it was to see and comprehend every single one of his consumers at scale and in real-time as the business expanded with over one million active users each day.

According to a press release from Ciabarra, Google Analytics was useful in measuring the rise in traffic, but it was unable to identify the exact locations and causes of the client’s problems. I questioned why this was so tough. Perhaps it didn’t make business sense to deal with the unwanted employee. Hence, this sparked the idea of the Quantum Metric.

Quantum Metric focuses on using consumer data analysis and interpretation to motivate action. Retail, travel, hospitality, finance, healthcare, gaming, and telecommunications are just a few of the sectors where the platform has expanded. The company’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) approach, eliminates data silos and fosters cross-team cooperation by focusing digital choices around the consumer. Hence, the company’s customer base has grown from two to nearly two thousand customers. For now, they are focusing on the consumer experience. Quantum Metric’s success is thought to be due to its ability to offer a flawless user experience while ensuring collaboration among digital experience teams.

Significant CX concerns in 2023

1. Putting a number on and coordinating digital priorities

The expansion of digital experiences from the web to mobile, native apps, and kiosks has led to an increase in the complexity of digital businesses. Due to the rising noise in digital data, it is now more challenging for enterprises to set priorities for the best digital experiences. Conflicts over priorities and an inability to respond to shifting customer requirements result from the lack of a clear link between consumer friction and company objectives.

2. Unfulfilled digital expertise requirements

Since employees frequently lack the skills to navigate information and ask the proper questions to support business results, companies struggle to cultivate the appropriate digital competence. If there are just one or two specialists in a specific organization, it may be difficult to service all digital needs if someone gets sick, goes on vacation, quits, or the company expands too much. Customers interact with companies mostly online; therefore, consumer-facing businesses should put digital first. To take quick action, each team should access, analyze, and comprehend consumer data. Inefficiencies in corporations can cost up to $220 million per year, and issues with digital teams can consume up to four weeks. Atlas’ simplified approach resolves problems in one to two days and increases efficiency by up to 90%.

Atlas guarantees to enable digital teams to work more efficiently

Atlas provides a method for learning how to use digital analytics tools that are based on the most crucial stages of the customer journey and the intended results. As an outcome, digital teams are better equipped to find insights that spur swift action using digital analytics. By establishing the proper standards for digital success and defining the standards of excellence, Atlas assists companies in identifying chances to go above and beyond what customers expect from a fantastic experience. This strategy aids businesses in enhancing their digital strategy and delivering superior customer service.

Quantum Metric’s Atlas collection includes 90 manuals at launch, with particular use cases for consumer banking, travel, retail, insurance, and telecommunications. Moreover, cross-industry instructions will be made accessible to provide a systematic approach to the common use cases for digital companies today, regardless of industry.