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Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6: new update causing some problems?

Patch 6 introduced major improvements to Baldur’s Gate 3, yet it appears this update is not performing well compared to many of its predecessors. It is not unusual for game solutions to cause difficulties since even thorough tampering with sophisticated programming sometimes results in unexpected repercussions. For the most part, Baldur’s Gate 3 has avoided getting things worse with big patches, and an early hotfix that caused problems for some players prompted the company to reconsider its approach to releasing fixes in general in favour of great care.

On February 16, Patch 6 was released, which included new kissing animations, simpler companion dismissal, additional Legendary Actions for Honour Mode, new idle animations at camp, and other improvements. This was Baldur’s Gate 3’s first big update since Patch 5 in November 2023, so many fans were anticipating the new content. However, several fans were dissatisfied because the update appeared to add many more issues than benefits.

Here are the issues of Patch 6 which backfired:

Bugs: Baldur’s Gate 3 experienced various issues during early access and after its official release, which may be hilarious. However, many bugs appear, and they may become quite frustrating, particularly when they ruin the game or necessitate complex workarounds. User Cygerstorm’s Reddit post expresses frustration with the game’s issues.

Characters: Cygerstorm’s issues include multiple instances of characters inappropriately being hostile, with Zevlor and Withers being two noteworthy examples. Other issues involve effects that are meant to be short-term but continue to stay, such as Karlach’s never-ending fury or gnolls emerging from hyena carcasses. Level 3 likewise refuses to provide access to Level 4 in their campaign, potentially blocking growth entirely due to rising imbalance. These seemingly small difficulties rapidly become important on Honour Mode, where the extreme difficulty level prevents reloads to solve errors and finishes the run with any party wipe.

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What are the fixes implemented to resolve Baldur’s Gate 3’s Patch 6?

  1. Fixed several instances where items in Tactician Mode were not eliminated when switching to an easier setting.
  2. Xbox user/controller configurations that were sometimes incorrect were fixed.
  3. Fixed an issue where multiplayer invites on Xbox weren’t being handled appropriately in some circumstances.
  4. The Flaming Fists and Auntie Ethel’s lair dialogue have been fixed, addressing line breaks and addressing the talking door issue.
  5. Fixed a potential soft-lock once the Reaction UI is activated while in the Multiplayer UI.
  6. Fixed a performance problem while starting a transaction in Honour Mode.
  7. Fixed a problem during Minthara’s turn in battle in the Emerald Grove.
  8. Due to popular demand, we have restored the numbers on the sliders in Character Creation.
  9. Fixed an issue that caused Group Hide to impact ungrouped party members.
  10. Fixed a problem while loading modified save games with unknown circumstances.
  11. Resolved a crash that occurred while selecting a spell in the Hotbar with a filter enabled and Metamagic active.
  12. Fixed a hotbar problem that occurred while choosing multiple targets for Eldritch Blast.
  13. Fixed a hotbar problem while turning off Metamagic when casting a spell.
  14. Fixed the mismatch of incentives on Active Rolls on the controller.
  15. Fixed a few misaligned kisses between Minthara and Lae’zel.


Regardless of the update’s issues, Baldur’s Gate 3 maintained its awards show dominance by winning another set of prizes at the AIAS’ annual DICE Awards last week. It received five awards, namely Game of the Year, Outstanding Achievement in Game Design, and Outstanding Achievement in Story.