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Everything you need to know about the best gaming consoles – PlayStation 5 External Storage

A Guide

The PlayStation 5’s storage issue

The PS5’s internal storage is not notably vast. There are 825GB available on the SSD (Solid State Storage) within your PS5. There is only 667GB left after subtracting the system software and its allotted space for users to play games, save their data, and retain images and videos.

Here are three limitations of PS5:

  1. The PS5 SSD is not removable or replaceable. 
  2. The absolute limit for PS5 games is 667GB. 
  3. External hard drives cannot store any PS5 games.

Preview of the PlayStation 5 external storage to be discussed

Here is the solution to the above problem: Sony Playstation has introduced external storage for the PS5. It provides a minimal data storage capacity of 1 TB and a maximum of 5 TB. Many companies sell external storage for the PS5, which we will study in depth down below.

Overview of PlayStation 5 external storage options

Before buying the PS5’s external storage, you should not neglect these important options:

  • It must provide good-quality USB cables,
  • Check the price of this external storage, 
  • The total capacity of storage, such as 1TB or 2TB.
  • Lastly, the most important of all, you must own a PS5.

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Which of the external storage devices is suitable for the PlayStation 5?

Let’s examine which external storage devices are suitable for the PlayStation 5:

  1. WD Black P50 Game Drive

The WD Black P50 Game Drive is the best PS5 external hard drive, with fast NVMe SSD read speeds of up to 2,000 MB/s and a reassuringly solid feel. It comes in various capacity options, from 500GB to 4TB, and can store large PS5 games.

  1. Toshiba Canvio Advance

The Toshiba Canvio Advance Portable is a sleek, reliable, and portable external hard drive that has plenty of room for storing games and other digital data. It is speedier plus more compressed than other solutions, but it is far less expensive.

  1. Samsung T7

A perfect PS5 external hard drive with a great combination of features, the Samsung T7 takes up almost no room. It also has fast download speeds and game loading, with a five-year warranty. With the PS5, it is a fantastic alternative for design work and covert use. Just make sure the small, slim body works with your setup.

  1. Seagate Game Drive

An authentic PlayStation seal is included with this external hard drive The Seagate Game Drive is licensed by Sony’s PS5, offering a lot of capacity and easy installation, but slower transfers. It is trustworthy, sturdy, and attractive, with unique designs available for The Last of Us, Marvel’s Avengers, and God of War.

  1. SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD is a great PS5 external hard drive and a great external hard drive for anything really. It is convenient to carry, water and dust-free, and it is also shock-proof, making it portable. It often comes in for discounts, making it a great value for a solid-state drive.

  1. OWC Envoy Pro Elektron

Given that it is waterproof and dustproof, the OWC Envoy Pro Elektron is a great bet for an external PS5 hard drive. Along with being cozy and compact, it offers 1011 MB/s transmission rates. The drive has a USB Type-A adapter, allowing it for used in both the PS4 and the PS5. Size options range from 240GB to 2TB. Although it is pricey per gigabyte, the security it offers is worth the price.

  1. WD Black D10 Game Drive

The WD Black D10 Game Drive looks similar to the P50, but is slower and offers massive capacities up to 8TB. It is designed for desktops and comes with extra USB ports for charging controllers or expanding PS5’s USB connectivity.

  1. Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD

The Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD is a great choice for PS5 owners who want fast storage and RGB lighting. It’s the fastest SSD that can be lit up in any colour. It also has fast download speeds and game loading, with a five-year warranty.

  1. WD My Passport

WD My Passport is a renowned external hard drive having sizes ranging from 1 TB to 5 TB at affordable rates. It takes some effort to get started with PS5, however, it’s capable of doing the job effectively.


To recap, the Seagate Game Drive and Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSD are the best choices for gamers due to their low cost, flexibility, faster performance, unique designs, and large storage capacity starting at 2 TB. The fact that PlayStation themselves endorses it is most important.