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Everything you need to know about the best gaming consoles – Xbox Series X Accessories


Preview of the Xbox Series X to be discussed

The Xbox Series X is the fourth iteration of the Xbox line of consoles. The more expensive Xbox Series X, released on November 10, 2020, is the ninth console generation. The Xbox One was replaced by it.

Overview of Xbox Series X Accessories

The purpose of these accessories is to increase the Xbox Series X’s gaming experience. To name a few, there are controllers, charging stands, and headsets. Therefore, let’s go over these accessories in detail:

Best Xbox Series X Accessories to enhance your gaming experience

  • Controllers: To play with friends and family on an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console, the Xbox Wireless Controller is about as close to a necessity as they get. Fortunately, the official Microsoft controller remains one of the most durable devices, similar to its predecessors. The Xbox Wireless Controller offers a high-end feel and can last for around 40 hours on a pair of regular AA batteries.
  • SSDs Storage: The Xbox Series X offers a 1TB internal SSD drive, while the Xbox Series S offers a 512GB disc. Microsoft allows these consoles to increase storage with SSDs that resemble memory cards and plug into the back of the Xbox without the need for a USB port. The Seagate Storage Extension Card boosts memory up to 2TB and offers quick, lag-free read and write capabilities. However, it is an SSD and costs more than $350.
  • Wire Stereo Headset: The Xbox Stereo Headset is a high-quality wired Xbox Series X headset with an ergonomic design, steel metal band, and polyurethane leather and foam oval shape. It supports Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X and features a mic mute button, adjustable mic, and on-ear controls. It operates between 20Hz and 20kHz.
  • Charging Stand: The Series X controllers’ best charging dock is the dual charging station, which comes with two battery packs. One hour of charging gives the 850 mAh batteries enough power for 15 hours of gaming. Packs should be in the controller when charging, but if using two controllers, they can be removed and placed on the charging connections.
  • USB-C Cable + Xbox Rechargeable Battery: This battery is a great AA replacement for batteries. It requires around four hours to completely recharge, so it is preferable to work on them overnight. It lasts around 30 hours on average before plugging it back in, about the same amount of time as disposable batteries. It’s also affordably priced costing 24.99 dollars / 19.99 pounds.

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Other Xbox Series X Accessories

  • Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge: The little fridge has a USB connector on the front and a DC power converter so it can be carried about. It can hold up to 12 cans, as well as snacks when utilizing the attached shelves.
  • Logitech G923 TrueForce: The TrueForce Dual-Clutch Wheel is a programmable dual-clutch system with automotive-style leather stitching and quality brushed aluminum construction. It has a “TrueForce” function that simulates engine rpm, changes in the landscape, and weather, as well as convenient additions like a 24-point selection dial and LED rev indication lights.
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Xbox Game Pass is used to buy or download games online. Players can play multiplayer online with this pass. You can get this pass in three, six, and twelve months.


In the end, these accessories are introduced to further increase players’ gaming experiences. We suggest players have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate if they want to record and share memorable gameplay moments with other gamers and purchase new games online. At least two controllers are needed for offline multiplayer games. A USB charger is the most cost-effective and essential accessory for the controller’s large battery.