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LoL Wild Rift Patch 5.0: Release Date, and new updates

The new year delivers a big content update to League of Legends: Wild Rift. On January 18, Riot’s mobile MOBA will receive Patch 5.0, also known as Bright Heights, which brings new modes, significant gameplay adjustments, and heroes that are beloved by players. This is all the information you want on the release date, new champions, gameplay, and other aspects of League of Legends Wild Rift Patch 5.0.

What is League of Legends: Wild Rift?

(LOL) League of Legends: Wild Rift is a mobile strategy and action game developed by Riot Games, bringing the classic MOBA gameplay to touchscreen devices. Gamers can play with friends and engage in 5v5 battles to destroy enemy bases. A console release is planned for a later date. Wild Rift promises a competitive and fair esports experience, chart-topping music, visually refreshed champions, and a deep community of creators. Gamers can find their favorite champions.

Release Date of LoL Wild Rift Patch 5.0

Set the date of January 18th, the global release date of Wild Rift’s Patch 5.0 for iOS and Android, in your calendars. The upgrade will keep players occupied until 2024 and will be released along with Lunar New Year celebrations. After that, expect biweekly updates that adjust the game balance in light of the enhancements made in 5.0.

Which are the New Champions of LoL Wild Rift

1. Syndra

Syndra uses telepathy to launch many black spheres at a distance, devastating foes. She needs dexterity to manipulate her orbs for explosive power.

2. Talon

Talon parkours around the jungle and roadways, attacking squishes with swift kills. His hit-and-run tactic is perfect for capturing targets after eliminating single adversaries.

3. Kindred

Kindred presents opposing perspectives on death and is, in fact, two champions in one. Wolf pursues runners ruthlessly, whereas Lamb offers a calm departure. Their adaptability allows for various jungle routes in every game.

Both experienced gamers and new players have more strategic choices thanks to these champions. Once mastered, Syndra and Talon are deadly threats, but Kindred’s duality rewards cunning jungle routing.

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Overhauled Champions 

1. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol’s kit has been entirely overhauled, converting him into the late-game celestial juggernaut he was destined to be. His new passive increases his power as the contest progresses.

2. Wukong 

Wukong develops greater stamina in long-duration battles as a result of enhanced clones and increased abilities. Because of his more consistent gameplay, he is a formidable warrior.

3. Gragas 

Gragas appreciates several quality-of-life enhancements aimed at easing up his gameplay. This wave of changes improves the reliability of the Rabble Rouser, a difficult champion to balance.

These overhauls are aimed at champions whose potential has been limited by poor or outdated designs. The idea is to expand strategic diversity among previously hindered player favorites.


The Rift now features new items, such as the Heartsteel item from previous game types, the Titanic Hydra item, and the Spear of Shojin. These items allow players to strive towards enormous health pools, do splash damage to many opponents, and increase movement speed and basic ability cooldowns.

This update makes two big modifications to minions. The siege minions will be swapped regularly with lesser ones, letting teammates roam or recall with less pressure. Furthermore, the Rift Herald will now immediately target the opponent turret, giving the secured team a more certain advantage.

New Modes

1. Double Cast: A new mode in which abilities have short cooldown periods and some champions’ assaults hit twice regularly.

2. The Arena: Dragon-themed Lunar New Year augments. In addition, an anything-goes ninth round allows all surviving teams to fight freely.


The skins are available for various characters, such as Akshan Dawnbringer, Draven Dawnbringer, Kayn Nightbringer, Tyndramere Nightbringer, Katarina High Noon, Leona High Noon, Samira High Noon, Morgana Lunar Empress, Naus Lunar Guardian, Pantheon Lunar Guardian, Aurelion Sol Lunar Guardian, and Graves Dragon Lantern.

Other features 

The Baron Lane has been updated to include an alcove for innovative ganks and evade skill shots. Patch 5.0 adds Ranked Season 12 with Glorious Crown Xin Zhao and new Legendary Queue awards. Spirits of Food and Drink The first and second Wild Pass skin prizes are Veigar and Black Frost Renekton. The Bright Heights patch commemorates the Lunar New Year with dragon skins and the pet system, letting users aid in the evolution of their Chonccs into various forms. Players who acquire furry companions will receive additional goodies.


Patch 5.0 “Bright Heights” improves Wild Rift with significant changes that affect both casual newbies and tough specialists. The strategic metagame grows owing to redesigned champions and game-changing new technologies. Meanwhile, new delights across profiles guarantee that progress is rewarded, regardless of gaming for fun or rankings. When the update goes live on January 18th, anticipate Wild Rift’s 2024 to go off in earnest.