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More Women Taking Up Online Gaming And Developing Games Is Better For The Industry As A Whole. Here’s How.

Men have historically controlled the gaming business, with few female players engaged in competitive gaming or emerging well-known content providers. Yet in past years, there have been a few notable female gamers who have achieved success, competed at the highest standards, and become important content producers. In India, women are also active in the game production process, giving the sector unique ideas on modern issues. Technology businesses are increasingly promoting female gamers.

Gaming has always been considered a male industry, but is this changing in India?

Female gamers are contributing to the industry’s growth, which shows the changing perception of gaming in India. People’s attitudes have shifted, and gaming is no longer associated with men. Brands and the government support female competitors in eSports and other gaming competitions. As perceptions shift, there will most likely be more women gaming in the future.

What percentage of gamers in India are women?

According to the ‘Think with Google APAC: Play like a Girl Report 2022,’ women represent 18% of all gamers in India. In India, female gamers are gaming more than male gamers. According to the same report, more than 43% of Indian smartphone gamers were women across all age categories. This is a fantastic and encouraging indicator for the representation of women in the gaming industry. The emergence of internet gaming has been a great benefit to female players.

What are the difficulties that female gamers face in India?

Female gamers are dominating the gaming sector, both as gamers and as developers. Breaking the regularity of a male-dominated business is difficult for female gamers since society is not used to women playing video games. People will fully embrace gaming as a career for both genders as it gains prominence and recognition. Women have faced problems such as the gender pay gap, online abuse, and being ignored as a target market. Yet, as business advances and more women enter the gaming sector, the situation is certain to improve.

How can we inspire more women to engage in and seek a career in gaming?

Currently, top brands and corporations are aggressively promoting female gamers to join gaming through various programs and campaigns. The fact that female gamers are constantly rising shows that women are actively involved in gaming. The prevalence of internet gaming is also contributing to this advancement.

Women are seeking careers in gaming, which was formerly thought to be a pastime. From professional gamers to game designers to programmers, there are several opportunities for women to pursue a career. As previously said, the addition of eSports as a medal event in the 19th Asian Games will inspire more women to pursue careers in gaming.

Why are women slightly more inclined than males to like particular game genres?

It is not feasible to classify games based on genre, as it is more personal based. Males prefer action games, while women choose puzzles or brain-stimulating games over gore and violence.

Game developers must ensure that gaming lobbies are safe spaces for women.

In games, artificial intelligence may be used to filter out objectionable words. There is software ready to accomplish that. Throughout the game, it bleeps the inappropriate term. This may be expanded further, and developers can include a tool that allows them to report incidents and guarantee that strict steps are taken in response to complaints, ensuring that no one abuses or makes gamers feel unsafe.

Final Thoughts

There are currently more women in the gaming business than ever before, but changing the stigma of a male-dominated sector may be difficult. As gaming grows in acceptance and popularity, more people will consider it a job.