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The Gaming Niches that are Most Going to Benefit from VR’s Ascendancy

VR’s market potential

Deloitte Global predicts that headset kits would provide 90% of the entire revenue in 2023, with sales of 14 million units at a price of $450. The smaller software industry will earn sales of around $700 million from VR content, primarily videogames and some business products. By the end of 2023, the use of VR headsets will rise by 50% due to their advancements, like processing power.

Track record of VR

Tech constantly improves gaming, leaving us curious without it. VR had a bad record in the past due to its failure in the 1990s. It made a recent attempt to enter the market with moderate success. While not widely available, it’s recognized as the future and will benefit some types of games.

Here are gaming niches that will benefit the most

1. The Use of Virtual Reality

VR technology, once limited to movies and fiction, has become widely accessible and affordable for consumers. It is now used in simulations and training, with gaming being a key driver of its advancement. Developers are increasingly focusing on VR for immersive, authentic settings, offering enhanced storytelling and world-building capabilities.

For example, the PS5 based game Horizon Call of the Mountain.

2. Esports

The world of video games has gone crazy about esports. With millions of viewers coming in to watch professional gamers participate in tournaments, what was once a specialized hobby has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Esports has not only changed our perception of gaming and other sports. With clubs, sponsors, and even big deals, professional gamers are being regarded like traditional athletes. Esports has also given marketers new ways to connect with younger consumers and profit from the expanding gaming industry.

3. Live streaming

Live streaming has been around for a while, but the gaming industry is just beginning to show interest in it. Gamers may now live broadcast their gaming to millions of fans worldwide. Live streaming has changed how we engage with players as well as how we consume gaming content. Viewers may now have live conversations with gamers, ask them questions, and even make financial contributions to help their favorite players.

4. Gaming on mobile

Mobile gaming has become an important market segment in the gaming market. Mobile games are now widely available due to smartphones and tablets. In addition to being practical, mobile games provide a distinct gaming experience from that of traditional console or PC gaming. Mobile games are typically available for free download and play, but in-app payments and advertisements help to cover expenses. It is anticipated that mobile gaming would keep increasing rapidly since more people use it for entertainment.

5. Cross-Platform Gaming

Another breakthrough in the gaming business that is gaining importance is cross-platform gaming. Whatever gadget they are using, users may play games with friends due to cross-platform gaming. Cross-platform gaming not only increases the accessibility of the same games on many devices but also promotes the growth of strong communities.

6. Casino

Casino games are a perfect example of how simpler games typically embrace new technologies early. VR may be used in casino games to help players focus and fully immerse themselves in the experience. For example, gamers at 777 online casinos may be able to play blackjack as if they were in Las Vegas or participate in a poker tournament as if it were the World Series of Poker.


The VR market has plenty of momentum for ongoing expansion. There is an evident sense of awe and being in a real “place” while wearing a VR headset. People will likely use VR devices more frequently and be more inclined to purchase content for them if consumer and corporate apps become more useful and common. The marketplaces for hardware and software might then benefit from one another in a positive feedback loop, finally moving VR beyond its niche.