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Orby is Developing AI Agents for Businesses

AI agents, advanced models capable of performing tasks autonomously, are gaining attention as potential productivity boosters despite occasional errors in their operations. Entrepreneurs like Bella Liu and William Lu are betting on these AI agents as the next big advancement in generative AI.

Their company, Orby AI, is developing a platform designed to automate various business workflows, ranging from data entry to document processing and form validation. Orby’s technology distinguishes itself by learning and adapting to workflows in real time, gaining insights into patterns and relationships within a company’s unstructured data.

“At Orby, our platform observes and learns how employees perform their tasks to automatically create complex automations,” explained Bella Liu, CEO of Orby. “An AI agent installed on a worker’s computer observes, learns, and generates automations, continuously improving its performance.”

Launched in 2023, Orby aims to simplify routine decisions for workers, allowing them to focus on more strategic responsibilities. Liu brings expertise from leading AI and automation efforts at IBM and product management at UiPath, while Lu’s background includes engineering roles at Nvidia and Google Cloud, focusing on generative AI technologies.

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Orby’s approach combines a cloud-based generative AI model with symbolic AI, which uses rules to infer solutions, such as mathematical theorems. This hybrid model enhances flexibility and scalability, which are crucial for handling complex datasets and evolving workflows.

“We’ve spent the past two years refining our AI model through successful trials,” Liu noted. “Few companies are tackling enterprise challenges head-on with end-to-end generative AI solutions like ours.”

Concerns about privacy arise with AI agents monitoring employee activities, but Liu assures that Orby prioritizes data security, using customer data solely for model improvement and encrypting it both in transit and at rest.

Recently securing $30 million in Series A funding, with a post-money valuation exceeding $100 million, Orby faces competition from established players and emerging startups in the agentic AI sector. Despite challenges, Liu is confident in Orby’s strategy, focusing on expanding their team and enhancing their market presence.

“The enterprise market is eager for generative AI solutions that can demonstrably enhance business performance,” Liu emphasized. “Our goal is to strategically deploy our resources to meet these demands effectively.”

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