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How to Use ChatGPT for Python and javascript coding

Coding has become an essential talent in a variety of sectors. Whether you’re a new programmer or want to automate processes, ChatGPT can help you write code. This beginner’s guide will coach you through the steps of successfully using ChatGPT for coding activities.

What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose language used for web development, Android, large data, and complicated applications. Thanks to its platform independence, which wasn’t typical in the 90s, businesses like Microsoft have chosen it significantly.

What is Phyton?

Python, a flexible programming language introduced in 1993, is popular in data science, and web development due to its code readability and simplicity. Big businesses like Google use Python.

What is ChatGPT coding?

ChatGPT coding leverages Chat GPT to help you write code. This may include duties such as code creation, completion, and optimisation.

How to Produce Code Employing ChatGPT

To write code using ChatGPT, select a programming language (Python, Java, etc.) and then describe the code you want to write. It should be expressed in normal language and provide the necessary functionality of the code snippet.

Generate Python Code

ChatGPT excels at creating Python code. You can provide it with a problem statement or explain the functionality you need, and it will generate Python code snippets to perform the work.

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Why Should You Use ChatGPT to Write Code?

1. Efficiency: ChatGPT follows your guidance and generates code efficiently and precisely. This may significantly speed up the coding process, especially for common or ongoing processes.

2. Learning Aid: ChatGPT can help novices learn. It may help you understand coding concepts and syntax by providing code examples in simple language.

3. Time Savings: ChatGPT can automate a variety of coding activities, freeing you to concentrate on higher-level problem solving and creative parts of your project.

4. Multilingual Support: ChatGPT supports many programming languages, making it useful for developers with different language preferences and project requirements.

5. Idea Generation: If you’re stuck on a coding challenge or need guidance, ChatGPT can provide answers and code snippets to help you get started on your project.

4 Python Code Examples of ChatGPT Usage

Example 1: Requesting Complex Algorithms to be Written via ChatGPT

Python programmers may create complicated algorithms quickly and effectively with ChatGPT. It may be completed quickly by requesting ChatGPT to create a specific algorithm. The longest similar subsequence of two strings, for instance, may be found using the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) method. This approach is widely used in text processing for similarity detection, edit distance measurement, and diff tool implementation, as well as in bioinformatics for comparing DNA, RNA, or protein sequences. The code may be modified to suit certain requirements by copying it to a Python project.

Example 2: Requesting Code Writing for Web Scraping via ChatGPT

ChatGPT shortens the time needed for web scraping, making it easier. You can employ the BeautifulSoup library to gain access to all headings from a webpage. Just modify the URL of the scraping website to use this code. For more effective and efficient scraping, ChatGPT may also be configured to scrape additional content, like webpage headers.

Example 3: Requesting Data Analysis Python Script Writing via ChatGPT

Additionally, ChatGPT may be used to build code for data analytic activities. We utilized ChatGPT to import, filter, and calculate the mean from a dataset in the Python program that follows.

Requesting Python Script Writing for Data Analysis from ChatGPT

After the code is developed, copy it into a Python project and modify it to suit your requirements.

Additionally, you can utilize ChatGPT to develop the most sophisticated machine learning models—like Decision Trees—and incorporate them into your Python code.

Example 4: Requesting that ChatGPT Build Web-Based Applications Using Flask

Python-based web application development is made possible by ChatGPT; an example of a simple program that returns “Hello, World!” is provided. This example is appropriate for those just starting to work with Flask or learning web programming. It demonstrates how to define a path and the operation that goes with it. These may be improved upon to build intricate web apps that include a variety of routes and features.


ChatGPT may be a great resource for newcomers who are learning to write code effectively. By following the standards and best practices given in this tutorial, you may use ChatGPT to improve your coding abilities as you accomplish your programming objectives.