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Moshi, ChatGPT’s newest competitor, asserts it comprehends humans better than any other AI bot

Moshi, ChatGPT’s newest competitor, asserts it comprehends humans better than any other AI bot

Moshi: The New AI Voice Assistant Ready to Rival Alexa and Google Assistant

Moshi is an AI voice assistant crafted for lifelike conversations, akin to Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. What distinguishes Moshi is its capability to speak in diverse accents and utilise 70 different emotional and speaking styles. Additionally, it can comprehend the tone of your voice.

In a recent turn of events, OpenAI delayed the launch of ChatGPT’s much-anticipated voice mode due to technical difficulties, leaving many enthusiasts disappointed. But there’s a new player in the AI chatbot field that might just fill that gap. Introducing Moshi, an advanced AI voice assistant created by the French AI company Kyutai.

Meet Moshi

Moshi stands out among AI voice assistants with its lifelike conversation abilities, rivalling well-known counterparts like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. What makes Moshi unique is its proficiency in various accents and an impressive range of 70 emotional and speaking styles. Remarkably, it can also comprehend the tone of your voice as you speak.

One of Moshi’s standout features is its ability to handle two audio streams simultaneously, allowing it to listen and respond in real time. Launched with a live stream, this innovative voice assistant has been making significant waves in the tech community.

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Development and Fine-Tuning

Tech Radar reports that Moshi’s development involved an extensive fine-tuning process, incorporating over 100,000 synthetic dialogues generated through Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology. Kyutai also collaborated with a professional voice artist to ensure that Moshi’s responses sound natural and engaging.

Using Moshi

To use Moshi, open the application and enter your email in the provided box. Select ‘Join Queue,’ and a new screen will open. On the left, a speaker icon will light up when you speak, and on the right, a box will display Moshi’s responses.

Currently, you can converse with Moshi for up to 5 minutes. After your chat, you have the option to download the video or audio by clicking the option at the bottom left of the screen. To initiate a new conversation on another topic, just click on ‘Start Over’ located at the top of the screen.

Moshi promises to revolutionise the way we interact with AI voice assistants, bringing a new level of human-like understanding and engagement.

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