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Introducing Travel Mode For Meta Quest Headsets

What is the travel mode for Meta Quest headsets?

Meta unveiled the Quest 3 VR headset in 2023, which combines virtual and mixed reality and is comparable to Apple’s Vision Pro. CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a travel mode feature for both Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2, which will let users switch between in-flight entertainment and mixed-reality activities while on the go. This enables users to watch movies, play games, or conduct unfinished business without the typical distractions of the plane.

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned this feature before, but his most recent article shows him giving users a personal glimpse at its possibilities. The new travel mode is particularly designed for flights, making the Meta VR headsets easier to use when traveling.

What is Meta’s Travel Mode?

Travel Mode transforms Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2 into the perfect in-flight entertainment gadget, allowing you to view movies on a large virtual screen, relax with a game or meditation app, or even do some work in privacy. And you can enjoy it all comfortably, as no neck pillow is needed—because of the ergonomic, well-balanced design of the headsets.

Imagine you are on a flight with complimentary Wi-Fi with a selection of movies and TV shows to view on your devices like a laptop.

Your Quest may identify the airline’s Wi-Fi, prompt you to join the network, and instantly load the browser, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Plus, you’ll have your content collection in a new Meta quest too.

How to use travel mode for Meta Quest headsets

You can use travel mode for Meta Quest headsets in three simple steps:

1. You may have to restart your headset to view Travel Mode.

You’ll then need to choose the Experimental Features option in your Settings menu.

2. Later, the Travel Mode option can be visible in your Quick Settings menu, letting you easily use it whenever you want.

3. Based on the airline, your headset might recognize that you are on an airplane and recommend that you use Travel Mode to ensure a smooth flight.

What are the guidelines while using travel mode for Meta Quest headsets?

1. Be aware of everything around you: While in Travel Mode, don’t rely exclusively on your immovable border; instead, stay seated and keep an eye on the tray table, your neighbors, and passengers going down the aisle. Consider your play environment and select appropriate items.

2. Choose appropriate content: Having a cinema experience, TV shows, or other leisure stuff is an excellent choice. So are games that don’t involve much movement. You might have to stay away from titles with a lot of jump scares.

3. Enjoy yourself and be safe: Strictly use Travel Mode when sitting (with your seatbelt secured, per guidelines). Travel Mode works best in smooth circumstances, so take a break if you encounter turbulence. Make sure your headset is correctly stored during takeoff and landing. Pay attention to the in-flight announcements and your flight crew.


Meta’s Travel Mode transforms in-flight entertainment for Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2 customers by providing a smooth transition between virtual activities and movies while traveling. Easy activation procedures and safety instructions ensure a pleasurable ride, and its elegant design further improves comfort.

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