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AIOps uses AI, automation to boost security

What is AIOps?

AIOps is a broad category of tools and parts that leverages analytics and AI to automate routine IT operational tasks, find and fix issues, and avoid expensive outages. Machine learning algorithms keep an eye on a variety of systems, picking up on how well they work as they go and spotting issues and anomalies.

According to market experts, IT decision-makers will use the AIOps platform more frequently as adoption rises in order to improve cybersecurity.

How does AIOps use AI to boost security?

1.Role of Speed in AIOps

When it comes to security, speed is of the essence. Knowing the who, what, when, and where from the perspective of a network device might help companies stay one step ahead of cybercriminals. To automatically discover, catalog, and categorize devices, AIOps platforms leverage streamed network telemetry data that has been acquired. Most AIOps platforms can not only inventory network infrastructure components but also evaluate all wired, wireless, and IoT devices connected to the company network or communicating in the cloud.

2.How to use AIOps for security teams

AI automation will go a long way, but human intervention is still required when using AIOps systems for security. Improved classification of network components for behaviour analysis, for instance, will result from fine-tuning the tool beyond the default automated finding. Moreover, the business-critical apps, services, and other resources must be identified for AIOps’ AI. This platform will be able to better understand which security incidents are regarded as more essential than others by identifying important data flows.

The most important idea is to understand the threat, its effects, and what can be done to mitigate it. Administrators will need to react to an alert, look into it, and try the recommended corrective actions. It can be configured in specific situations to automate a response.

3.Sharing information

Before the last minute, security personnel rarely informed other IT departments about technological threats. All IT operations workers are restricted from accessing security tools and dashboards. Data and sensitive security information must occasionally be kept as secure as possible. Nevertheless, in many other situations, being aware of an ongoing threat would be beneficial for network, server, and application teams—and even other department executives. The rationale is that these teams will waste time troubleshooting a performance issue that already has a known root cause since the threat may be affecting how well the application or service that is being attacked performs.

If the company uses AIOps for cybersecurity, keep in mind that allowing all teams to use an AIOPs platform however they see fit also creates an opportunity for better interdepartmental communication. It develops customized dashboards that give non-security staff a brief summary of threats.


Due to COVID-19, more people are now working remotely, and cybersecurity is an increasing problem. in an era where cyberattacks are frequent. Thus, AI and machine learning can help companies fight against emerging cybersecurity risks.

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