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7 Huge Gaming Industry Trends 2023-2026

The release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X has triggered substantial changes in the gaming business over the following three to four years. However, the industry is seeing several other key changes, such as next-generation hardware, which should be constantly studied by people working in or studying the video game business. 

The following are seven trends that will have an influence on the gaming business in 2023 and beyond:

1. Roblox Aids in the Growth of Indie Gaming

Indie gaming has grown in popularity as a result of platforms such as Steam that allow for easy accessibility to games. Roblox intends to broaden this trend by merging game production and distribution on a single platform. Roblox is becoming increasingly popular. While the majority of users will never touch a dev kit or utilise the Roblox Studio game engine, many will use the platform to quickly obtain feedback and improve on their games from their enormous user base. This strategy has resulted in the popularity of independent games such as Among Us.

2. More Game Variety

The majority of gamers are men, although mobile gaming is popular with women. Animal Crossing, on the other hand, has drawn more women to console, PC, and esports gaming. With only 30% of employees being female, gaming remains a male-dominated business. This helps to explain why the bulk of game heroes are white guys. Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a popular RPG, earned great reviews but was panned for its absence of minorities in the game world. Female participation in games is becoming more important in the field of gaming. For example, the popular 2020 release The Last of Us Part II has a female protagonist. Gender possibilities are available in Cyberpunk 2077, a 2021 game, sans the use of traditional gender categories. However, following a bumpy debut, several players’ complaints over gender selection were addressed, resulting in the title’s removal from the PS Store.

3. Retro and remake gaming: from niche to broad appeal

In recent years, retro gaming has grown in popularity, with firms such as Atari repackaging vintage titles for a new audience. This trend indicates that vintage video games may be as timeless as great music and films from the past. Popular game remakes, such as Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, are likewise predicted to be popular.

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4. Cloud Gaming Services

Online gaming provides various advantages, including the ability to browse hundreds of titles and purchase games quickly. It can, however, take some time, particularly with slow servers like Sony PlayStation. Hardware issues may arise, potentially causing insufficient space on a PC or console for a new game. Cloud Gaming provides an option for streaming games in real-time, enabling gamers to access cutting-edge gear without having to invest in it. This strategy also gives publishers a continuing cash stream and a way to monetize old games after their release.

5. Next-Generation Consoles Competition

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 are likely to decide the most important gaming industry trends in the next years, with the Nintendo Switch perhaps leading the way. Each console has its distinct features, for example, high-end SSDs in the PS5 and “Smart Delivery” in the Xbox Series X, that enable customers to download free copies of previous Xbox One titles.

6. More Remakes and Relaunches 

Remakes and relaunches are more popular than fresh franchises, according to the game industry. The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Trilogy: The definitive edition is the best example. Developers are working on new versions of old games such as Prince of Persia in addition to remaking vintage titles such as Final Fantasy 7 and Crash.

7. Early Access Changes The Game Development Method

According to Empirical Software Engineering, 15% of all games on Steam are under Early Access, a trend that is predicted to rise dramatically in 2024 and beyond. Early Access allows gamers to experience games for years or months in advance, while creators utilize it to get input from users, which might affect the game’s path. Because of its Early Access-focused developmental cycle, Rimworld, a sci-fi strategy game, grew into one of Steam’s highest-rated products.


Because of significant technology improvements, the gaming market is undergoing seven main trends that are expected to increase in 2023 and beyond. AAA releases on consoles, independent games on sites like Roblox and Epic Games, and single-person creators are among these trends.