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What is Future of Gaming?

Introduction to Gaming Industry

In the beginning, the gaming industry used to just develop games and monetize them. However, the gaming industry has evolved throughout the years; the two factors that have changed the gaming industry are the Covid pandemic and the Internet boom. Now, new technologies are used to develop games, aiming to make them interactive and more realistic for players, and job opportunities are also generated in the gaming industry.

Types of Games

Before knowing the future of gaming, we must know the types of games. Casual games, online games, sports games, strategic games, and shooting games are types of games. Casual games are fun, story-based games with simple controls. Online gaming, primarily multiplayer MMORPGs, has gained popularity due to the internet. Sports games can be played single-player and multiplayer. Strategic games involve real-time or turn-based strategies.

Current Game trends that can change the Future of Gaming

  1. E-sports or Electronic sports
  2. VR
  3. Cloud gaming technology
  4. Metaverse
  5. Mobile gaming
  6. Cross-Platform Gameplay
  1. E-sports or Electronic sports: Esports is a competition of video games. Players from all over the world participate by giving a certain amount of finances. The winnings are organized by video game companies and communities for that game. Due to E-sports, multiplayer games are considered one of the social trends in gaming.
  2. VR (virtual reality) gaming: The future of VR gaming has potential. Since COVID-19 pandemic and strict lockdown norms in some countries have led to a decline in manufacturing gaming hardware. Hardware like gaming consoles and gaming parts. VR gaming devices such as VR headsets and hand controllers enable users to play interactive games and have an enjoyable gaming experience. New VR games are coming out, like Assassin’s Creed Nexus.
  3. Cloud gaming technology: Cloud gaming is a type of online gaming that operates video games on portable servers and streams directly on users’ devices, playing games directly on the cloud. Cloud gaming differentiates from traditional users as traditional users play locally on gaming PCs, consoles, or mobile devices.
  4. Metaverse: About 52% of U.S. gamers believe the metaverse can bring a gaming revolution. Metaverse in the gaming industry is decentralized, and video game companies take on decentralized projects. Metaverse is showing potential in gaming as it fascinates gamers to play games in the virtual world by interacting and communicating with others inside the game. Even video game companies are investing in Metaverse to develop VR games. Metaverse has thus become one of the current game trends.
  5. Mobile gaming: Mobile gaming has become popular. Many factors are the reason behind this popularity. Firstly, the internet is the major factor that led to the rise in the accessibility of mobile phones; another factor is playing games without paying. Influencers play popular games for their audience. The Indian gaming market is showing signs of becoming a gaming hub. Mobile gaming has thus become one of the current game trends.
  6. Generative AI in Gaming: In 2024, Generative AI is a future gaming technology that will have a big influence on the gaming industry, shaping player experiences by developing lifelike characters and content depending on player behavior. This dynamic and responsive strategy makes use of unique language models, permitting players to communicate on the fly and introducing a new paradigm of individual personalization and game involvement. Generative AI is looked at as futuristic gaming and will also play an important role in the future of gaming.

Which are the popular video games right now?

Professional players, esports competitions, Twitch streams, and YouTube gaming channels have helped to propel online multiplayer shooters such as CS:GO, Fortnite, and PUBG are top trending games. Others have created sequels that surpass and outperform their original games. Some games that were published many years ago are still popular today, such as League of Legends, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and Dota 2. Other trending games right now are Fall Guys, Among Us, Overwatch, and Rocket League. From these games, Fortnite and Dota 2 are games that are trending right now. From these mentioned games, Minecraft and PUBG are some of the most popular current video games. Games are available on all gaming platforms, including the PS5, PS4, Xbox X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch mobile, and PC. Future games coming out are Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Star War Outlaws, and Senua’s Saga: Hell Blade 2. GTA’s future game is GTA 6.


The future of gaming industry, both Indian and global, is rising tremendously, it has generated an employment option for gamers and streamers to pursue as a career. Gamers are streaming the latest trending game videos by using social media platforms and making a living from it. We went through the best trending games right now and found out that the most trending game in the world is Minecraft. In India, PUBG is considered a trending video game. GTA 5, CS:GO are also considered trending video games in India. Video game companies are creating gaming industry trends by adapting to new technology like Virtual Reality, and futuristic gaming like Generative AI in gaming to develop new and trending games.

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