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Mecha Break: Its Release Date Speculation and Availability for PS5

It wasn’t long after Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon became a smash hit that another developer decided to take a stab at making mech games. With its debut at the Game Awards 2023, Seasun Games’ most recent innovation, Mecha Break, provided a hopeful look at the genre’s future as a new multiplayer co-op mech game. Let’s see what surprises this game will bring for gamers.

Mecha Break: Release Date

Mecha Break’s official release date is unknown, but gameplay and cinematics suggest it may be released in early 2025 or 2024, pending user reaction. Steam is accepting applications for a future closed alpha.

On which platforms the game will be made available

The clip indicates that Mecha Break will be released on Steam as well as the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox systems.

Plot Overview and Details for Mecha Break Story

Mecha Break’s story delivers complex storytelling that explores a variety of storyline topics, including a conflict for resources and a contaminated Earth that sparks power struggles between several groups. Eruptive Inorganic Carbide (EIC) appears after the “Catastrophe,” turning areas into barren “Marcens Zones.” Anticipating unrest and even conflict, factions such as the Thalassic Federation and the Culturia Alliance fight for supremacy in Mashmak, the biggest Marcens Zone.

When faced with EIC-caused catastrophes, the Lunarians mobilize sophisticated bipedal robots known as “Strikers.” Utilizing Mind Projection technology to create a mental link between the human brain and the Striker unit, the elite force Moonbow is anticipated to have specific talents connected to EIC in addition to improving tactical skills.

Gameplay and Leaks of Mecha Break

1. Game Modes

Mecha Break has a 48-player battle royale mode in addition to multiplayer co-op gameplay. Teams of three or six players can be formed by gamers to carry out combat tasks. 

2. Character

Personalize paint schemes to make your mecha stand out. The armaments on the mechas can be altered in appearance. The weaponry, shields, and wings may all be customized, giving you the freedom to customize each mech’s look to your taste. There are more than 120 colour modules for each mecha. Players are now able to combine colours in novel ways. Players can get common or unusual paint colours through purchases or fights. In addition, the game provides you with an extensive array of designs and decals to customize your mechas to your wants.

3. Battle Experience

A dynamic encounter including both ground and aerial warfare. Energetic close-quarters fights. From a third-person shooter perspective, you will command a 12-meter-tall mecha and feel an exhilarating sensation of strength, speed, and firepower. Participate in combat with other players on different battlegrounds as you complete various mission goals.

4. Mechs and Pilots

Unlock a diverse set of mechas and unique pilots, each with their own distinct narrative. Each mecha is outfitted with unique weapons and performs a certain function, such as sniper, brawler, attacker, defender, or support. Work along with your squad mates to maximize your advantages and gain victory.

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Open World Activities and Places

1. New Terrain: The Catastrophe changed Earth’s tectonic plates, changing the terrain. New rifts and straits emerged when mountains ascended and landforms disintegrated. Islands were swallowed and volcanoes erupted, wreaking havoc on both ecosystems and societies.

2. New Paradigm: In reaction to Corite contamination, collaboration became increasingly important, resulting in the formation of the Culturia Alliance, the Cygnia Union, and the Thalassic Federation. Amidst the commotion, the Lunarians declared independence as the Commonwealth of Lunar-mare.

3. New Conquest: EIC is a valuable resource for research and trade. Various groups have gathered at the greatest Mercens Zone, Mashmak, to prepare for an extreme upheaval. The catastrophe changed landscapes and upended the global order. During recovery and Corite pollution, the Vulturia Alliance, Cygnia Union, Thalassic Federation, and Commonwealth of Lunar-mare arose. Despite the hazards, these factions competed for their own goals. A storm is forming in Mashmak, the biggest Marcens Zone.

4. Epoch of Biped Strikers: Following the Catastrophe, Lunarians created bipedal robots for mobility, overcoming traditional limitations. These vehicles were militarized, resulting in fights between “Strikers,” flexible armoured units that replaced regular vehicles. The third-generation Strikers rose to the top of their game.


Here is all the information regarding Mecha Break, its speculative release dates, gameplay elements, leaks, and open world. Hence, we will have to wait untill Seasun Games its maker, shares news about the Mecha Break release date.