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Everything we know so far about The MOBA Gigantic Rampage Edition

First Thing First: What is MOBA Gigantic Rampage Edition?

Gigantic Rampage Edition is a definitive edition of the original 5v5 MOBA Hero Shooter, providing a dynamic and thrilling team-based multiplayer experience for gamers. Choose from a broad pool of various heroes, each with its own set of upgradeable skills, and work with four other players to control objectives and defeat the enemy team’s great Guardian, all while safeguarding your own. Gigantic Rampage Edition introduces a new game mode, cross-platform play, new heroes, new maps, and gameplay upgrades, providing fans with a larger and more full Gigantic experience than ever before while also inviting new players to the action-packed world of a Hero Shooter. Rampage Edition will be published by Gearbox and created by Abstraction, which is best recognized for offering co-development support to other companies. Shortly after the game’s debut, Motiga, the original developer, declared bankruptcy. If you’re wondering how Gigantic got into Gearbox’s hands, the original game was released by Perfect World, which was bought by Embracer in 2021. Embracer also owns Gearbox.

When can players be able to buy Gigantic Rampage Edition?

Players can be able to play Gigantic Rampage Edition on 9th April 2024.

Features of MOBA Gigantic Rampage Edition

1. Heroes

Modifications and Hero Advancement

Create and modify unique hero loadouts to fit your playstyle, unlock and select from a selection of hero and weapon skins, featuring new skins not seen in the original game, and unlock extra stuff for your hero as you advance! 

Enticing Hero Roster

Players can choose from 23 returning and new heroes, each with their own set of attacking and defensive skills, as well as their ultimate powers. After choosing and making a team, compete against another team in 5v5 fights.

Introducing two New Heroes

  • Roland: A world-hardened guy who lost his arm but acquired extraordinary power. 
  • Kajir: A quick-reflexed feline who enjoys fighting in the alleys and streets. 

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2. Maps

Set in a vivid and fun-filled universe, ready to jump into and smash your way across huge battlefields, aided by animals such as giant Guardians!

They have introduced two new additional maps:

  • Picaro Bay: A beachfront map featuring verticality, small passageways, and a pirate ship for fast-paced combat.
  • Heaven’s Ward: A heavily industrialized area with an ancient power plant, warehouses, and factories with plenty of nooks and crannies for players to explore. 

Price of MOBA Gigantic Rampage Edition

Notably, it has been confirmed that Gigantic: Rampage Edition would be available at the pricing of $19.99 / £16.99.

Game modes

1. Rush: Rush is a new game mode that is more approachable, fast-paced, and action-packed for all players, resulting in a simplified GIGANTIC experience that allows users to easily join in and get involved. 

2. Clash: The original game mode from GIGANTIC’s classic edition returns, providing a profoundly strategic and exhilarating team-based experience for even more dramatic clashes. 

3. Custom: Create your interesting battles in which you may select a map, compete against friends to improve your battlefield abilities, and spectate. 

Cross Platform Play across consoles and PCs

Players can team up and compete in epic battles with friends across different platforms. 

Free Content Post-Launch

After the debut of Rampage Edition, a Ranked Mode and new hero skins will be available for free through updates.