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With Vertex AI Agent Builder, Google Cloud is focusing on making agent creation easier

Introducing Vertex AI Agent Builder

In April 2024, Google Cloud released Vertex AI Agent Builder, a new tool that combines Vertex AI Search and Conversation products, expanding the developer’s toolset for generative AI agent building. AI agents are the latest trend in generative AI. Unlike past generations of chatbots, these agents are capable of more than just answering questions. They can take actions based on the interaction and even interface with back-end transactional platforms to perform automatic tasks.

Vertex AI Agent Builder provides developers with a package of tools for creating and deploying AI applications suitable for corporate usage, catering to a broad range of skill levels, from those who want no-code possibilities to those who may employ tools like Lang Chain. Google Cloud’s main objective is to make agent creation easier for advanced chatbots and other conversational artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities through a Vertex AI agent builder.

Vertex A Updates

On 9th April, Google announced multiple updates to its Vertex AI platform, as well as an improved version of Imagen 2, its text-to-image model. The updates of Vertex AI are described in detail below.

What are Vertex AI Extensions?

Vertex AI Extensions is a platform for corporate extensions that link large language models (LLMs) to external system APIs, enabling real-time data and processing activities. It interacts with patterns like React and tools like Lang Chain, allowing LLMs to link extension actions for advanced operations.

Vertex AI Functions

The new tool aims to make it easier to integrate generative AI output with corporate data. It helps function Vertex AI Search for immediate use of foundation and recovery augmented generation (RAG) APIs for document processing. It offers vector search capabilities for creating embedding-based agents. It also has integrated security and enterprise controls, which improve the precision and applicability of model responses.

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Features of Vertex AI Agent Builder

1. Easily create conversational AI agents with no coding

Develop, set up, and manage advanced conversational AI and process automation agents that use natural language. Integrate vertex ai prompt generation tools with pre-built templates to enable rapid prototyping, experimentation, and deployment without the need for extensive coding. Connect many agents to create corporate workflows and experiences. Tailor agents reply to your business goals, use company data to drive transactions, and simplify interactions across different channels. Test and monitor your agents’ outputs, and make productivity improvements in real time.

2. Based on Google search and / or your enterprise data 

Connect AI agents to trustworthy sources of data using the Gemini API to boost accuracy. Vertex AI Search provides a foundation for corporate data, including search components for document processing, ranking, and output production. Connectors enable applications to index and display data from popular corporate applications. Vertex AI extensions allow users to conduct activities.

3. Rapidly create low-code to high-code AI applications

Lang Chain on Vertex AI accelerates AI application development by integrating low-code APIs and code-first orchestration. Customize applications, evaluate model results, discover places for development, and enhance LLM execution.

4. Accelerate experiment and implementation

Use assessment metrics and tools to evaluate and test generative AI applications, assuring their execution and quality. Scalability and dependability may be achieved by utilizing Google Cloud’s enterprise-ready infrastructure. Continuously monitor consumption as well as latency, safety, and expenses to discover possible problems and improve execution. Use Vertex AI Studio’s model tweaking features to work alongside foundation models or to integrate apps and tools.

5. Enterprise-grade compliance and safety

Creating AI experiences that best fit your enterprise’s strict standards and scalability requirements. Vertex AI Agent Builder is software that provides powerful compliance, safety, and governance capabilities that are compatible with industry standards such as HIPAA.

Maintain data privacy and control over your AI apps by managing permits and ensuring the ethical use of AI models and data.

How do I enable Vertex AI API?

The steps to enable Vertex AI API are:

• To create a Service Account, go to the IAM & admin area of the Google Cloud dashboard and choose “Service Accounts”. Select a relevant name for identification.

• Granting Service Account Credentials: Using the CLI, connect the service account to the project’s IAM policy.

• Linking Payment Account: Make sure your Google Cloud project is linked to your payment account.

• Logging into a Service Account in Google Account: Go to the service account area of your Google account settings.

• Creating and Downloading a Service Account Key: In the “Keys” tab, generate a service account key and securely download it.

• Integrating Vertex AI with Google Colab: Upload the downloaded service account key to your Google Colab for example, import the required libraries, and choose the language model. 


Now we have taken an overview of Google Cloud’s Vertex AI agent builder features, new updates, and how to enable Vertex AI API. This tool will help developers be able to use this creation tool efficiently and at reasonable prices.

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