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Blue Planet introduces industry’s Sole Multi-Cloud Native OSS platform

Multi Cloud definition

There are many well-known multi cloud examples; In this blog we are going to speak of the Blue Planet’s Multi Cloud Native OSS platform.

Multicloud is a strategy in which a company runs its applications on cloud computing services from several providers, including public and private clouds. This enables enterprises to pick the features that best meet their needs while minimizing vendor lock-in. 

The benefits of Multi Cloud are agility, flexibility, and cost efficiency, and the challenges of multi cloud are complexity, security integration, and performance issues. 

Introduction to Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform

Blue Planet is a sole multi cloud native OSS platform that enables communication service providers (CSPs) to transform into software-driven, digital organizations. Blue Planet cloud native platform is a part of Ciena. The new Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform allows CSPs to streamline network and service operations, which speeds up the implementation of new services beyond any network domain or vendor. Blue Planet, a Ciena company and essential provider to many of the world’s largest CSPs, has unrivaled experience in speeding digital transformation.

Evolving to Multi cloud native in the OSS

The cloud-native platform approach is a strategy that does not require clients to upgrade their whole Operating Support System (OSS) stack at once. They begin by focusing on certain aspects, such as inventories, and then utilize a platform to provide the framework for the cloud-native move. This platform must be multi-cloud infrastructure and ready for deployment on platforms such as AWS, Microsoft, and Google. It must also provide common functionality across several applications, decreasing complexity and footprint. Kubernetes has played a critical role in allowing this enhanced method of building and distributing open-source software. Leading CSPs are implementing Agile and DevOps principles to allow for continuous integration, delivery, and testing of software and services. To get quicker results through cloud and SaaS installations, openness must be prioritized, and collaboration with OSS providers that share this concept is essential.

Unique and Sole Multi Cloud Native OSS platform

Blue Planet cloud native platform is a unique platform that is “multicloud-native,” meaning it may run in any public or private cloud. It supports K8s and open APIs both northbound and southbound, which makes it ideal for telecom providers. K8s has become the industry standard for delivering and maintaining cloud-native applications as operators demand greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency. In contrast to many rivals, Blue Planet has made considerable efforts to integrate its OSS apps and deliver complementary cloud-native operational services to help with the cloud shift. Customers now deploy more than 80% of their OSS apps on public clouds.

Positive changes in culture

The Blue Planet Cloud Native Platform enables CSPs to implement a DevOps paradigm of continuous integration, delivery, and testing (CI/CD), allowing for in-service software upgrades (ISSU). This shift in attitude is critical for modernizing OSS, since distinct network, IT, and operations teams create their own segregated platforms, inhibiting innovation. Blue Planet promotes industry-wide efforts such as the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA). Customers benefit from a DevOps model, which allows them to access new features and capabilities as they are produced and test them in a production environment. This innovation-focused approach enables operators to make use of enhanced OSS capabilities.

Focusing on becoming AI-driven

Blue Planet’s Sole Multi Cloud Native OSS platform provides an AI Studio to help CSPs become AI-driven. Since 2019, the platform has included AI and machine learning capabilities to provide proactive service assurance. The AI Studio enables CSPs to integrate AI-based features built by their data science teams or third-party vendors into operational processes such as network planning and data flow automation.


Blue Planet’s Sole Multi Cloud Native OSS platform enables CSPs to deploy individual apps separately or in combination to tackle their most significant OSS modernization initiatives at their own speed. They are programs like the Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) which are now accessible on the platform.

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