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Sea of Thieves – Official PS5 Features revealed in trailer

Rare announces Sea of Thieves for PlayStation 5 release on April 30, 2024, with PS5 official features and special cosmetic items for console performance. 

Here are Sea of Thieves official PS5 features are displayed below, which were revealed in the trailer:

Sea of Thieves gameplay on PS5 

There are two types of gameplay in Sea of Thieves: Safer Sea and Higher Sea. Safer Sea will provide features like Trading Company Voyages, which counters monsters and enemies, and also has different types of ships, and story-driven content with Fine Tales. You will have access to different cosmetics for ships and can free-roam and finish your game at your own pace. Famous Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean will add a Sea of Thieves PS5 feature. In the Higher Sea, you can become the captain of your ship, you can sail as an Emissary of a Trading company, and you can also become part of a guide. You can also fight in Hourglass faction wars. In Sea of Thieves, official PS5 features revealed in the trailer include tempest 3D audio as well. 

Graphics Mode

As it comes to the graphics on PS5, Rare claims the game has two graphical options. Sea of Thieves official PS5 features 4K 60FPS and 120Hz 1080P mode.

Performance Mode

1. DualSense

  • Haptics: Sea of Thieves uses haptic feedback technology incorporated into the PS5 controller known as DualSense to increase movement and interaction with the environment. 
  • Adaptable Triggers: Sea of Thieves uses the DualSense controller’s customizable triggers to improve gunplay by allowing players to experience every press of the trigger.
  • Microphone: Sea of Thieves has a built-in microphone and speaker, allowing players to communicate with their pals despite requiring a connected headset.

2. Full Cross-Play Support

For inviting friends, Sea of Thieves on PS5 displays both Xbox and PSN (PlayStation Network) Friend lists, making it easier to invite or join a cross-play-enabled party. PlayStation Plus is required when playing Sea of Thieves online with others as well, however, the Safer Seas solo option is accessible to those without a membership.

New PSN Platinum Trophy

Over 250 Trophies are also featured, replicating Xbox and Steam accomplishments, and existing players who sync their accounts will have some of their progress carried over.

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Sea of Thieves PS5 Editions

1. Standard Edition

The regular version of Sea of Thieves contains all free updates issued to players over the previous six years, as well as an entitlement to any future free content upgrades. Furthermore, users of this edition of the game will be given access to a variety of tasty digital extras, which can be accessed via the Sea of Thieves website or PS5 after logging in. It includes the game’s Original Soundtrack – 2024 Edition, Athena’s Fortune audiobook, and The Rough Guide to Sea of Thieves eBook – ideal for any gamer looking to brush up on their knowledge and orient oneself before setting sail. This Edition will cost around $39.99.

2. Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition offers in-game inventory and wallets, enhancing players’ experience before embarking on their first sailing adventure. With maritime stuff in the shape of the Ocean Crawler Cutlass, Pistol, Shovel, Hat, Jacket, Dress, Trousers, and Hook, as well as a generous 10,000 gold to get you started on your Sea of Thieves shopping, you’ll be well prepared to begin your quest to Pirate Legend rank in grand style. But that’s not all: Sea of Thieves: Deluxe Edition purchasers will receive an additional Deluxe Bundle of goods, including the Collector’s Thunderous Fury Figurehead, Collector’s Thunderous Fury Sails, and Shrouded Ghost Hunter Blunderbuss. This Edition will cost around $49.99.

3. Premium Edition

The Premium Edition is the most super-sized of our new editions. This includes everything in the standard and Deluxe Editions, as well as hefty features include-The Dark Warsmith Hull, Flag, and Wheel. Premium Bundle containing the Collector’s Dark Warsmith Sails and Figurehead. This Edition will cost around $59.99.

The Season 12 Plunder Pass is also included in the Sea of Thieves: Premium Edition, which opens up new possibilities for earning goodies as you progress through the game and increase your Seasonal Renown. Finally, this version allows you to play the game five days before its global release on April 30th and collect awards, which will unlock the game for you. Some other features include Cannons and Cannon Flare, the Dark Warsmith Costume, and the menacing Diabolical Dog, Capstan.

Pre-order on PlayStation 5 

PlayStation 5 gamers who pre-order Sea of Thieves will receive special cosmetic items such as the Ruby Viper Cutlass, Pistol, Blunderbuss, Eye of Reach, and Scarlet Storm Parakeet pet suit. Additionally, those who pre-order will have exclusive access to a PlayStation-only Closed Beta from April 12th to 15th, when they will acquire the Dauntless Adventurer Title and Dauntless Adventurer Sails. The servers only support PlayStation.

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